7 on 7 Registration

2021 7on7 registration opens February 1st.

7on7 Passing League is for grades 5 – 8

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Price: $89.00
    Includes the 7-on-7 T-Shirt
  • Waiver and Medical Treatment Authorization
    I do hereby give my approval to my son/daughter’s participation in the SUNYFL and GRIDIRON
    UNIVERSITY 7ON7 Passing League, and I assume all risks and hazards in these activities and
    transportation to and from these activities. I understand that football is a contact sport and serious
    injury or death may occur during play. I do hereby release and hold harmless SUNYFL 7ON7
    Passing League, it’s organizers, directors, officers, sponsors and coaches. I agree to support all
    SUNYFL and GRIDIRON UNIVERSITY 7ON7 Passing League programs; sponsorships and raffles.
    SUNYFL and GRIDIRON UNIVERSITY 7ON7 Passing League reserves the right to prohibit or expel
    any parent, coach, player, or team from joining or remaining in the league for any reason that they
    deem necessary with no refund provided.

    I do hereby give my permission to any responsible person with SUNYFL and GRIDIRON
    UNIVERSITY 7ON7 Passing League, in the event of an emergency, if I cannot be contacted by
    normal efforts, to authorize emergency medical treatment in any area hospital for the child herein

    Refund Policy
    By completing the online form, I hereby acknowledge and agree that no refund will be given unless
    no team/squad can be formed for said age group.

    SUNYFL and GIU 7ON7 Passing League reserves rights to use any combine participants pictures
    for advertising and marketing only.

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